I'll write you a song....

Actually, this is on hiatus for very obvious reasons...
Just give me a title! Email me a title and I'll write a song, short, long, funny, serious or otherwise for the title. The email address is musicalperegrinations@gmail.com

I will post all songs onto the blog when I'm finished with them.



Christmas break=not as productive as predicted

Well unfortunately I was not able to record as much as I wanted this Christmas break, but it's not over quite yet so that could change. I got laden with homework in every subject except one. On a brighter note I got a melodica (keyboard harmonica) and a Beatles fingerpicking book for Christmas. These are both immensely cool and I'll have to do something with them.

I do have one cover for you, so here is a song to welcome in 2010.
Teenager In Love(originally by Dion)


Swimming in the Breeze

I have a new song, it was one of the requested titles, so without further ado
Swimming in the Breeze

Thank you very much, sender of that title, I hope you enjoy your song!!
I may be posting some pictures up later, we'll see what happens. I'm not sure if I'm entirely satisfied with them yet.

On a different note, if anyone wants to make videos for my songs, drumbeats for my songs, titles for my songs or wants to participate in a song, please contact me at musicalperegrinations@gmail.com. This is also good for getting tab or chord progressions for my songs, so you could play them if you would like.


A few more covers...

I recently found some good Beulah guitar tabs, so I did some of their songs as cover tunes. I also did a cover of "Seven Nation Army" because I figured out the bass line, and because it was fun. I've got three song requests and a song on the side that I am trying to write. To those that requested songs: Yes, they will be done, hopefully sooner rather than later. To all others: Please continue to provide song titles they are enormously awesome. Just know they may have a lower priority for a bit.

One more thing. I am looking for love songs, I may do covers of them, but mostly I just like listening to them.

Here are the songs:
Calm Go the Wild Seas (originally by Beulah)
Emma Blowgun's Last Stand (originally by Beulah)
Me and Jesus Don't Talk Anymore (originally by Beulah)
Seven Nation Army (originally by The White Stripes)


Hello all

I have another song. I also should have another one coming because I have a title to write for, but I haven't gotten to it yet. Well, here's the song!

This song could use some sort of drums or beats. I was messing around with the preprogrammed beats on the BR, found one that was sorta neat, but didn't take it off the BR. The song was done at 120 with a metronome in 4/4. If you want more information on the tracks or the tracks themselves, email me and I'll send some stuff along.



Song Title #2

The second request is here, sorry it took so long to process. Was a bit of a challenge. It's titled "Cord Law (& Music)" I'm also throwing another short, very simple one up called "Driftwood"

Cord Law (& Music)



First requested song, and some other songs

The first song title has come in. I have written the song for it. The title was "Get on the Flans Bus". I hope you all enjoy the song.

I also have two other songs that I have finally recorded, one is called "A Traveling Song" and the other is more of an experiment and is all vocals. It is titled "Hello..."

If you want to know the lyrics for any of my songs, just email me. Also keep the song titles rolling in, they are very helpful and I think they will progressively help my song writing skills. Well, here's the songs!

A Traveling Song
Get on the Flans Bus


Comments Now Working

The comments now work, I'm sorry it took so long to get them working. There are several pages of options for this blog and I finally found the way to turn them on. So if you feel so inclined leave a comment. If you don't feel like leaving a comment, you can always email me at musicalperegrinations@gmail.com

Have a good day!


New Approach

I'm now offering a new approach to my musical endeavors. You supply the title and I write the song. Sort of like how explodingdog.com does illustrations for suggested titles. We might end up with some stuff like this http://tinysong.com/3E6x

Well it should be fun, I'll put up a gadget on the top of the blog stating some of the information and repeating the email address.

So, if you want a song written on a title that you provide, email me at musicalperegrinations@gmail.com


Cover Songs

I've had most of these songs for awhile, some of them are more recent. These are a few cover songs that I think turned out all right.
The Book of Love originally by the Magnetic Fields
Boa Constrictor originally by the Magnetic Fields
Busby Berkeley Dreams originally by the Magnetic Fields
I Don't Want to Get Over You originally by the Magnetic Fields
It's A Crime originally by the Magnetic Fields
Sweet Lovin' Man originally by the Magnetic Fields
The Girl from Ipanema, well-known Bossa Nova song
The Things We Did & Didn't Do originally by the Magnetic Fields
This Dance originally by Mirah
Billie originally by the Magnetic Fields
Come Back From San Francisco originally by the Magnetic Fields
Holland, 1945 originally by Neutral Milk Hotel

A lot of the covers are from the band "The Magnetic Fields". This is mostly due to the fact that there is a lovely site dedicated to guitar tab for this band. It can be found here


Now, on Jango airplay!

I have recently entered a drawing to win some equip and some major airplay on Jango. If you do not know what Jango is, let me explain. It is an internet radio, sort of like Pandora in the fact that you can choose several artists and it will try to play those artists or ones like it. It is a little more complicated than Pandora, and offers you more options and has a little bit of sociability to it. No idea if I'll win or not, but just for entering I got a hundred free plays on Jango.
So that's basically the exciting new info, if you want to try and help me get into general rotation, then you should make a Jango account, find me, play one of my songs and rate it! Thanks!!
Here's my link: http://www.jango.com/music/Annalin+Davis
Signing up is pretty easy, had an account there awhile myself, only an initiation email, and that's all.

also, cool to note, if anyone wants to contact me about my music they can do so at musicalperegrinations@gmail.com

+++2nd EDIT+++
I have run out of free plays :( You might still be able to hear me though because I got into the general rotation!!! Thanks for all the help! power to ya!


New Gadgets

I have a few gadgets as some of you may have noticed. One is for some sites that I like, another is for my friend's etsy shop, she makes really cute earrings!!!! The last gadget is for some music, it's still pretty new, I'm not sure exactly what I'll be doing with it in the future, but right now it has a lot of songs from TMBG (They Might Be Giants)

Well, I hope you all are enjoying your summer, sorry for not posting any music in so long!!! I've got some things scheduled to go up, but for some odd reason they are not quite there yet. Thanks for staying with me!


just a quick link, for pet lovers.

For those of us who like to poke a little fun at our canine and feline friends, there is a pretty cool site out there at www.obeythepurebreed.com. So go check it out if that's your thing.


Just an update

Finals are here. They will soon be over! Hopefully music production can kick it up a notch when the finals are gone. Video production should also start up. If anyone has any ideas for a video, wants to be in a video, or just wants to lend a helping hand, it would all be very much appreciated. Send me an email saying how you want to help out, and I will be grateful unto you forever.

I may post some covers of songs up on this blog soon. Mostly Magnetic Fields, but a few other artists too.

I've been thinking of interning at a recording studio over the summer. I've looked over a lot of them and emailed a few of them, should be exciting.

Well, summer is almost here. Thanks for reading and have a good summer!


A Poem

I have to memorize a poem that is at least three minutes in length for my slam poetry class. I also had to write said poem. Here it is, it is titled "My Little Zombie" and I'm sorry it is not formatted.

You're a gazer, that freaks some people. Heck, it used to freak me, but my suspicions run deeper, all the way back to elementary school, where you were an object of weird, to be NOT associated with. It seemed to that it was your personal goal to be as annoying as possible at all times. You later confided this was true, well, to some extent. You always stuck out to me from all the other little kids running around. Yes, there were the video games, but then your extensive knowledge on war and military tactics, they made you an object of weird. In middle school you disappeared, out of my life, I never even noticed, I fell for someone's blue hazed eyes and forgot everything from any past I had. That transitional phase, those years almost wasted, only to be thrown into the sharp whirling wheels of high school. Lo and behold, there you are, and you stand out even more in the crowd. Tall, lanky, light, light blond hair, pale skin and eyes. You help make other gentler creatures a sight for sore eyes. You seem less than human, maybe not even human. You brush up against me and your fingers are icy, make me shudder and turn away. And when I feel that coldness, I realize what you are. You cheeky zombie of the dark. I shy away, I can't stand to look at you, never could. But you work away at me, at my hard exterior, you need to crack me open some way, some how, for whatever reason why, I don't know how the dead mind works. I can't be rude to you, but every attack and question is politely pushed aside, quietly stored away in the cellar of my brain. Puzzle pieces to be used to crack you open before you get me. But when I put the pieces together, they do not become the weapon I had hoped for, to beat your head in, spread you brains like jelly on the pavement. No, they open the door to a new world, where I am not myself but someone else, someone who has different views. And I am intrigued and disgusted at the same time. I quietly close the door, letting no one know what I've uncovered. I'm disgusted by that world but you keep softly nudging me to that door, you think I don't know what you're doing, so you still go slowly, so very slowly. There is no polite way to ask you to stop without revealing what I've learned. Tricksy zombie. Still I am intrigued. I watch you closely, more than before, but I don't change my behavior, at least I try not to. I begin to notice things that agree with the puzzle picture, little details and flourishes that perfectly fit into the image. And I cannot stand this any longer. I want to come to you and just throw the words out there, just to see if they're true, just to see how you'll react. Throw them out there so everyone can see this evil plot. I just want to stride up and challenge you, zombie. Cuz, I mean, you really do love me don't you?!? I want to spit that at you with disbelief laced in the sound waves. But that's not how we've played the game, and it's unfair to change the rules. Anyway, you don't mean me any harm, so why should I cause you discomfort? I start to lose my ground, til I have none left to stand on, and I am disconnected from my views, floating above them. Looking down on them, they don't make sense, so I turn around and open a door in the sky, walk through it into your arms. Of course it's not that simple, it took awhile, but I entered the other world. Where you are not an object of weird, but you are my little zombie. Well, not so little, you loom over me, but that gives me a sense of protection, because even if you are a zombie, you're my little zombie. I know little is not the correct word, but it sounds good, my little zombie. Because you are, in this world, my little zombie and I love you.


Fixing the Microphone

In Easter of 2008, I got a microphone, it had a very little output level. Now in the spring of '09, we have fixed this problem with a better cable and some new equipment. Hopefully this will give the songs a softer tone and increase the quality of the recordings. Very exciting stuff.


More Songs!

Well here are the rest of the songs that I promised. The video for "Society" is still in the works, I have someone working on a video for "Everything's A Shade Of Grey" and to post the Happy Birthday song I need permission from the other vocalist.
Reserved Smiles
Everything's A Shade Of Grey
Full, Bright Eyes and an Empty Mind
I Almost Held Your Hand
Diamonds & Stars


Perhaps a song is coming into view?

This is a test drive of some code that should play my music. If it doesn't work I will take it down. If it does work I will post music up periodically.

Your First Last


A Pic

I have a pic for you all! The "Nothing is Original" font and slogan are from Orisinal. Thank you Ferry Halim. I made up the rest and drew it. Hopefully I'll be able to color it at some point but my editing programs are being difficult.
I figured out my editing programs so here is the new pic!


New Songs, Updates, Etc.

Been busy, writing new songs and recording them. I'm sorry you all have to wait for the videos. Unfortunately, I can't post covers. Society will get done eventually, but seeing as I have two AP exams this week it will be later rather than sooner. I have a recording of a friend's violin, but the recording did not turn out as well as expected, I blame my clip-on mic. Next time I will use the onboard mic on the BR. When I get new violin and guitar songs, I'll definitely post them and try to get video footage with my friend in it. In the meanwhile, video taping is going to commence(hopefully) at some point this weekend! Yay! The newest songs that need videos are as follows:

  • Your First Last
  • Reserved Smiles
  • A Birthday song for my friend (heh, her little sister came over and we wrote the craziest song)
  • Everything's a Shade of Gray
  • I Almost Held Your Hand
  • Full, Bright Eyes and an Empty Mind
I sort of think that I should make a better video for Diamonds & Stars. I would adjust the credits level and such.


Hey! A video!!

Well lookit here. A Video!! I finally scrounged up some time to throw a quick song and vid together. Society is still in the works because it is almost all animation done with paint and Windows Movie Maker and that means it is a pain. But I have this one for you instead. It is called Diamonds & Stars. Most of it is just pictures of my animals. The Golden Retriever is Trotter, the Basset Hound is Hoover, the grey cat is Kitmin, the large black and white cat is Flansburgh and the cutie pie smaller one is named Zimbabwe, otherwise known as Zim. There are also a few pics of a heart circuitboard I soldered together. Enjoy!



I have no idea why the comments refuse to work, I shall continue to look into this problem, but as of this moment, I have no idea what's wrong with them. On a brighter note, a video for one of my songs is being processed, and will probably be posted within the next week. The song is called 'Society'. Have a good weekend!


Just testing....

I'm checking out the email posting. Very neat idea, quite an interesting little concept. It may be how I post everything, but we'll just have to see.
Music coming soon. Thanks for patience.

First Post.... err

Alright, first off, I don't like calling them posts, perhaps updates would be a better word? Maybe messages. This will be decided later. This is the first update and also probably the most informative. This blog's purpose is so I have a place to display my music, writing, art, opinions, etc. The music will probably be the main focus, but there will probably be the occasional hand-drawn, scanned and then digitally altered picture, of which I will have before and after pics. There may be little bits of creative writings, stories, poems, again etc. Rants will be avoided, but somedays there are no other options. The title of this page is 'Peregrination through some sort of paradise'. Interpret that at your leisure. Pick up some music, pass it round, it's not meant to be professional. I'm working with a 4 track recording deck, the MICRO BR from BOSS. Please enjoy.