I'll write you a song....

Actually, this is on hiatus for very obvious reasons...
Just give me a title! Email me a title and I'll write a song, short, long, funny, serious or otherwise for the title. The email address is musicalperegrinations@gmail.com

I will post all songs onto the blog when I'm finished with them.




I have no idea why the comments refuse to work, I shall continue to look into this problem, but as of this moment, I have no idea what's wrong with them. On a brighter note, a video for one of my songs is being processed, and will probably be posted within the next week. The song is called 'Society'. Have a good weekend!


Just testing....

I'm checking out the email posting. Very neat idea, quite an interesting little concept. It may be how I post everything, but we'll just have to see.
Music coming soon. Thanks for patience.

First Post.... err

Alright, first off, I don't like calling them posts, perhaps updates would be a better word? Maybe messages. This will be decided later. This is the first update and also probably the most informative. This blog's purpose is so I have a place to display my music, writing, art, opinions, etc. The music will probably be the main focus, but there will probably be the occasional hand-drawn, scanned and then digitally altered picture, of which I will have before and after pics. There may be little bits of creative writings, stories, poems, again etc. Rants will be avoided, but somedays there are no other options. The title of this page is 'Peregrination through some sort of paradise'. Interpret that at your leisure. Pick up some music, pass it round, it's not meant to be professional. I'm working with a 4 track recording deck, the MICRO BR from BOSS. Please enjoy.