I'll write you a song....

Actually, this is on hiatus for very obvious reasons...
Just give me a title! Email me a title and I'll write a song, short, long, funny, serious or otherwise for the title. The email address is musicalperegrinations@gmail.com

I will post all songs onto the blog when I'm finished with them.



Hello all

I have another song. I also should have another one coming because I have a title to write for, but I haven't gotten to it yet. Well, here's the song!

This song could use some sort of drums or beats. I was messing around with the preprogrammed beats on the BR, found one that was sorta neat, but didn't take it off the BR. The song was done at 120 with a metronome in 4/4. If you want more information on the tracks or the tracks themselves, email me and I'll send some stuff along.



  1. Chris said...

    Excellent next tune from you, the royal rocker.

    Keep up with the cool jams.

  2. Anonymous said...

    this is a fail ~~from CS