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Actually, this is on hiatus for very obvious reasons...
Just give me a title! Email me a title and I'll write a song, short, long, funny, serious or otherwise for the title. The email address is musicalperegrinations@gmail.com

I will post all songs onto the blog when I'm finished with them.



Christmas break=not as productive as predicted

Well unfortunately I was not able to record as much as I wanted this Christmas break, but it's not over quite yet so that could change. I got laden with homework in every subject except one. On a brighter note I got a melodica (keyboard harmonica) and a Beatles fingerpicking book for Christmas. These are both immensely cool and I'll have to do something with them.

I do have one cover for you, so here is a song to welcome in 2010.
Teenager In Love(originally by Dion)


  1. Anonymous said...

    Ha Ha...

    Happy New Year Ms. Rockstar.

    May your 2010 star shine bright.

    We look forward to many cool recordings & hot tracks.

    Peace in 2010!

    Your Fans :-)

  2. rchase said...

    Dion is serious business. Nicely done.

  3. Justin said...

    I very nearly got me a melodica for christmas. How is that working out for you?

  4. That Someone is Me said...

    Oh it's really awesome, Brianna videotaped me playing it, you can find it if you search up "Melodica Hey Jude".